Tom Holway CBT Therapist Cornwall

Welcome, I’m Tom…

I’m a CBT Therapist working in Cornwall and online

more about CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in a little while.

You might be looking for a therapist because things aren’t feeling so good at the moment or maybe you’re looking for some support to stop things getting worse………

These bad thoughts...

It might be that you’re noticing unhelpful, unwanted or negative thoughts that are impacting your emotions.

Or perhaps those thoughts and feelings are getting in the way of you doing the things you need and want to do, or stopping you living the life you want to live.

Your mental struggle...

Lots of people struggle with their mental health. One of the issues with mental health difficulties is that we can’t see them.

It’s not like you have broken a bone and people can see the plaster. Mental health is inside us.

But others are fine...

When we look at other people and they appear to be fine on the outside, we imagine that’s true on the inside too.

And when we don’t feel okay, this can add to the feeling that there is something wrong with us – that we are broken or defective in some way. But that’s not the case.

…and this is where I might be able to help.

Therapist trained in CBT...

I am a therapist trained in CBT which is a type of therapy that helps you understand what might be reinforcing or maintaining your mental health difficulties.

We then use this understanding to help you change your thinking patterns and get out of the ‘vicious cycle’ you might be stuck in.

Magic Powers...

I don’t have any magic powers, magic answers or the solution to every problem in the world, but I do have the knowledge, expertise and experience of CBT that will help us explore and understand your difficulties and find a way forward together.

Let me tell you more about CBT and what I might be able to offer…


Every stage of the process was faultless, Thomas was incredibly helpful and I appreciate what he did, and how he did it, enormously

Kit M : Jan 2024

It was so good to be able to have this therapy it helped me so much with my anxiety and how to handle things I couldn’t before with the car accident and how to cope with anxiety attacks and it helped me to view things differently.”

Vanessa I : Nov2023

I had previously avoided seeking support as I didn't feel comfortable having face to face meetings and dreaded speaking on the phone. Speaking with Tom weekly over the phone has helped my massively. I immediately felt at ease with him and have managed to put some really good actions in place. I would highly recommend speaking to Tom if possible

Chris R.

CBT with Tom has undoubtedly helped me to tackle anxiety and depression. He was easy to talk to and he provided me with practical and effective support which has helped to significantly improve my life. It did require some effort, but it’s been worth it – I am glad my doctor recommended CBT and pleased I found Tom!